Waste Carrier License

Waste Carrier licenses are in place to make sure the waste being transported is disposed of legally and safely.

This is especially important for waste that is meant to be recycled.

Waste Transfer Note

The use of waste transfer notes is vital when transporting any type of waste.

Especially when the said waste is meant to be recycled.

About Us

Cheshire Tyre Disposals services the whole of the northwest of England. We have been in business for over 15 years, where we have always collected and recycled all used and worn tyres.

All tyres are fully recycled within the UK and are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

We collect all types of tyres from commercial to domestic. We are more then happy to recycle any tyre type or size. We are a team dedicated to providing you with a safe, reliable and affordable way to recycle your used and worn tyres.

We are fully compliant with all government and health & safety organisations.

At Cheshire Tyre Disposals we think it is important to make sure that all tyres are recycled in a responsible and safe way. All Tyres are recycled within the UK and follow all government guidelines when being recycled. We take a lot of pride in this.
How many tyres have we recycled this year so far?
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Cheshire Tyre Disposals Truck
We’re a team dedicated to providing the best service for recycling your used and worn tyres. We have 15+ years of experience and are fully licensed to recycle any tyres.